The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Essential Enhancements

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Morrowind was a great game for it's time, but it's starting to show it's age. I've spent quite a lot of time testing dozens of "improvement" mods for the game, in an effort to find the ideal starter set. There are MANY more mods out there that can bring some truely amazing sounds and visuals, but there is always the risk for bugs when you install too many. The mods included in this set should be completely compatible with each other, and should bring forth no additional bugs to the game. I've carefully examined their impacts to the game, and used some tools to check for any conflicts or other potential problems. They should be perfectly safe to use, and will bring Morrowind's visuals close to Oblivion's.


Many of the enhancement mods are compressed inside 7z files. You will need 7-Zip to decompress them. It can do everything WinRAR can, and more. You can find it here:

All of the 7z files are compressed in a way so it is easy for you to insert them into Morrowind. The folder paths are all automatically layed out for you. You simply open a 7z file, select all the contents, and extract to the following folder, unless otherwise noted:

C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Data Files\

The files in this collection are all ordered by installation priority, with a number before their filenames. I suggest you install everything in this order. If you are ever asked to overwrite something while extracting, say yes.

All of these mods are optional. You can install some or all. It's up to you. The only thing to note is files 5-8, the "Better" series. To be safe, you should either install all four of these, or none at all, as they are practically made for each other. If you leave out one or more, then you might find major clipping issues on characters you come across.

If you want to use a NO-CD crack on Morrowind then that's cool, but if the game crashes fairly often on you and you wonder why, remember to try the game without a crack. I've had such nasty experiences with cracks as of late, so I cannot offer any help with them, or provide them.

Read each mod's included documentation to become more familiar with their changes to the game. I am only taking the time to loosely summarize what those changes are. Don't rely on me entirely.


  1. Install Morrowind. It is also highly recommended you install the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions with the game as well, though all these mods should work fine with singular Morrowind. I suggest you buy the game rather then pirate it, because it's worth it, and the pirated disc images floating around torrents out there are often mixed and matched from both USA and UK versions, and that's just risky. I bought the game new and sealed for $10 on Amazon. Do the same.
  2. If you installed the full Morrowind Game-of-the-Year Edition, then you should already have the final version of the game, which is v1.6.1820. Double check that with Morrowind's main menu screen. This means you do not need to install an official patch. If you only have Morrowind, or you have a non-GOTY set, then you may need to apply one of the patches supplied here. I have included Both USA and UK patch versions for both Morrowind and Morrowind with it's two expansions installed. That's 4 files. Install the one that suits what you have.
    • You may want to try running the game once at this point. Get to the main menu in the game and configure some settings to the way you like, and then exit. This will create some additional files in the program folder, and might save you from some harmless error messages in the rest of the install process.
  3. Install the unofficial patch. It provides even more quest related fixes that Bethesda never addressed.
  4. Morrowind Graphics Extender is a unique tool with many uses. The important one for me is it can make Morrowind operate in my LCD's resolution of 12801024, which wasn't natively possible before. It can also offer options for anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, vsync, and more.
    • To install this one, just extract it to your raw Morrowind folder. DO NOT install it to Morrowind/Data Files! Then run MGEgui.exe. It will ask for a DLL. Basically, DX8 is for older video cards, DX9 is for newer cards, "Basic" is for Morrowind only, "Full" is for MW+T+BM. That's not the whole truth, and you should read the documentation for MGE later to learn more, but for now choose the one that is appropriate.
    • If you have a high end card, click the "Best Quality" button here, and then go to "Global Graphics" and set VWait Setting to "Default 2", to enable vsync. Then click "Change Resolution" and set it to what you prefer. Go to "Input" and check "Skip Opening Movie" to decrease the game's start-up time. Don't mess with other options in this tool unless you feel up to it.
  5. Install the MW Visual Pack. This is arguably the most accurate and most complete texture upgrade for the entire world of Morrowind. There are quite a few other texture replacement projects out there, but I've done comparisons and none of the others cover so much ground, or stay so close to the game's original look. This contains the original v2.11, with the final v2.2 patch content pre-installed, as well as the XT content installed over that.
  6. Install Better Bodies. This is an exe, so just run it and follow the directions. This upgrades the models and textures of the bodies (not the heads) of all the human races in the game.
  7. Install Better Beasts. This upgrades the models and textures of the two animal races.
  8. Install Better Heads. This upgrades the models and textures for the faces of everyone, as well as adds some new ones to choose from when creating your character.
  9. Install Better Clothes. This upgrades most of the clothes in the game to ones that fit the "Better Bodies". This does not change any armors.
  10. Install the Guild Wars Music Pack if you wish. This one is by me. It simply expands the game's soundtrack. Music in Morrowind is always randomly chosen, so these additonal tracks work great, considering that they are so similar to Morrowind's musical style.
  11. Install the Official Plugins, if you must. This is a single convenient archive, which contains every official add-on that Bethesda has released on their site. They are very minor, but since they are official, they should be perfectly safe to use.
  12. Finally, run Morrowind from your desktop icon. Click "Data Files". You are going to checkmark all of the mods that it will let you, to enable them in the game. The one exception is "Solf's Better Beasts" series. Check his "Neck Fix", and then ONLY check one of the remaining 3. "Better Beasts A" gives them uh....human-like private parts. "Better Beasts B" does not do this. "Civilized Beasts" makes them move and act more like humans. I think you should just go with B.
    • If it does not let you checkmark a mod, then it's because you don't have Tribunal and Bloodmoon, most likely. That's fine. Just checkmark the rest.
  13. Enjoy the game!


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