Older Music Videos

A few notes before we begin

1) My videos are encoded across 3 different formats. MPEG is the simplest, and should automatically play on most systems. DIVX and XVID won't play unless you have the appropriate codecs installed. I do not recommend installing DIVX, because it can contain adware. Just install XVID, because it will play DIVX as well. But if you run into problems, I suggest uninstalling all DIVX/XVID codecs, and just installing FFDShow. It's a very clean, stable, less intrusive means of playing these formats. When it comes to the DIVX and XVID videos, you will need roughly a 1.0ghz processor or better, for smooth playback.

2) I use an anti-leeching script, which means you can only download the videos from within my own site. You can't download them from a link that exists on someone else's site. The downside to this, is some download managing tools may have issues. I suggest using your browser's default downloading mechanism. Also, you should Left Click to download. Right Clicking and hitting "Save As" is only going to save the video as a php file.

3) I'd really appreciate it if you could leave an opinion on my animemusicvideos.org profile. If you're not already a member, then don't feel obligated to become one just for my sake. But if you are already, then it's the least you could do, right? Opinions show me that people out there are interested in my work, and it motivates me to make new videos, as well as continue paying for this host.

4) The videos have alternative "Low Quality Streams". If you click these links, you will be able to watch the videos automatically, without the need for installing any codecs. But I really insist that you do not use these links unless you absolutely have to. The quality on them is horrible, and the sounds don't sync up with the video very well. These are here as a last resort.

5) Recently, in rare cases, I've seen some downloads pause indefinitely. It appears to happen somewhere around the first 10MB of progress. This is an odd little bug that sprung up recently, and I am hoping it will work itself out, if it hasn't already. Sorry for the trouble. When this does occur, the download seems to always work fine on the second attempt, so please just try again.

Soul Calibur

Alternate Low Quality Streams: GameTrailers - Google Video
Codec: Mpeg
Game: Soul Calibur
Music: Yasunori Mitsuda - "Chrono Trigger" (Arranged Version)
Length: 2 min, 14 sec
Size: 21,255 KB
Description: My own little intro to one of my favorite fighting games. This was the first video I made on the first computer I built myself. It wasn't a grand project. I spent only 6 hours on this. Mainly, I wanted to get a feel for how Premiere operated on a much more powerful system. All of the clips were taken from each of the characters' demonstration modes, as well as their roles in the game's customizable introduction sequence.

Chrono Trigger & Evangelion

Alternate Low Quality Streams: MegaVideo
Codec: Some old unsupported DIVX hack. Play it with FFDShow.
Anime/Game: Chrono Cross & End of Eva
Music: Cardigans - "My Favorite Game" (Remix) & Vast - "Temptation"
Length: 4 min, 29 sec
Size: 23,366 KB
Description: The remains of 2 very good videos I was working on. Unfortunantly, I decided to quit them because I was getting frustrated with making vids in general. Anyways, I used footage from the End of Eva movie, and then FMV clips as well as game footage from Chrono Cross for the Sony Playstation. The Eva video is a very good candidate for a remake in the future. Also, there is a little hiccup at 0:42, and the footage gets scrambled for a second. I cannot repair it at this point, because I don't have the source version.

Berserk - Unfinished

Alternate Low Quality Streams: YouTube - Google Video
Codec: Mpeg
Anime: Berserk
Music: DragonForce - "Valley of the Damned"
Length: 1 min, 2 sec (Unfinished Video)
Size: 17,109 KB
Description: A project that simply became too grand for me to handle. I litterally spent dozens of hours capturing specific clips from all 25 episodes in this series. I had ideas flying all over. I had finished all of the capturing, and the first third of the editing, and I just came to a halt. The ideas vanished. The motivation escaped. Then I spent 2 weeks sitting at this spot on the timeline, unable to find any more matching clips. I literally "Berserked" myself to death. This video serves as a good reminder to never get in over my head and to never plan TOO far ahead. I'm more of a linear editor, and it shows. I can only operate from start to finish. If I look too far ahead, I forget what I'm doing in the present.

Street Fighter Alpha

Alternate Low Quality Streams: MegaVideo
Codec: Mpeg
Anime: Street Fighter Alpha
Music: Linkin Park - "Points of Authority"
Length: 3 min, 22 sec
Size: 34,436 KB
Description: The first video in which I was entirely dedicated to finding new ways to sync up movement with audio. If you can look past the poor VHS quality and terribly overused music, you should be impressed at quite a few particular areas. However, if there is any real connection between this movie and the theme of the lyrics, I sure haven't found it. I just wasn't aiming for that. One other thing to note is the intro was made out of about 210 individual screenshots which I actually took manually from my DVD collection. This was initially done because my old site, Saiya-Jin Lounge, had a screenshot section, where those were posted at.

Rurouni Kenshin

Alternate Low Quality Streams: MegaVideo
Codec: Mpeg
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin OVA
Music: Carl Orff - "O Fortuna"
Length: 2 min, 13 sec
Size: 18,255 KB
Description: Not all that impressive in any way, or original. The song had been used countless times before, including outside the realm of AMVs. I mostly keep it here because it was the first video I made after being initially granted broadband internet, which means it's the first video where I could export the project out at such a large file size, and completely ignore the nasty Real Player format, which all prior videos were in.

Real Player Videos

Codec: Real Player
Anime: Akira, Dragonball Z, Ghost in the Shell, Megaman X4, Macross Plus, Neon Genesis Evangelion & many more.
Music: Too much to list.
Length: N/A
Size: N/A
Description: A collection of 23 videos I made back in the day of my 56k Modem. There are actually 4-8 others that I lost over the years. These videos, in my opinion, are not as good as my newer vids. They were all made in 2000 and before, but some of them do have their little moments. These will never be available for download here, but you might find a few of them elsewhere. I just keep this listed to remind myself of how long I've been in this hobby. Some of them I may consider remaking some day.