Newer Music Videos

A few notes before we begin

1) My videos are encoded across 3 different formats. MPEG is the simplest, and should automatically play on most systems. DIVX and XVID won't play unless you have the appropriate codecs installed. I do not recommend installing DIVX, because it can contain adware. Just install XVID, because it will play DIVX as well. But if you run into problems, I suggest uninstalling all DIVX/XVID codecs, and just installing FFDShow. It's a very clean, stable, less intrusive means of playing these formats. When it comes to the DIVX and XVID videos, you will need roughly a 1.0ghz processor or better, for smooth playback.

2) I use an anti-leeching script, which means you can only download the videos from within my own site. You can't download them from a link that exists on someone else's site. The downside to this, is some download managing tools may have issues. I suggest using your browser's default downloading mechanism. Also, you should Left Click to download. Right Clicking and hitting "Save As" is only going to save the video as a php file.

3) I'd really appreciate it if you could leave an opinion on my profile. If you're not already a member, then don't feel obligated to become one just for my sake. But if you are already, then it's the least you could do, right? Opinions show me that people out there are interested in my work, and it motivates me to make new videos, as well as continue paying for this host.

4) The videos have alternative "Low Quality Streams". If you click these links, you will be able to watch the videos automatically, without the need for installing any codecs. But I really insist that you do not use these links unless you absolutely have to. The quality on them is horrible, and the sounds don't sync up with the video very well. These are here as a last resort.

5) Recently, in rare cases, I've seen some downloads pause indefinitely. It appears to happen somewhere around the first 10MB of progress. This is an odd little bug that sprung up recently, and I am hoping it will work itself out, if it hasn't already. Sorry for the trouble. When this does occur, the download seems to always work fine on the second attempt, so please just try again.


Alternate Low Quality Streams: MegaVideo
Codec: XVID
Anime: Armitage - Dual Matrix
Music: Kidney Thieves - "ZeroSpace"
Length: 3 min, 29 sec
Size: 71,968 KB
Description: The new video to celebrate the launch of the site. Might be a little rough around the edges after my 2.5 year break, but I like it. Deinterlacing this movie was a nightmare though, and the quality didn't turn out quite as nice as I had hoped. On top of that, the movie has a horrible range of brightness. Some scenes are too bright, some scenes are practically 100% black. I had to make heavy use of the Levels filter to average these scenes out, and for the most part this worked wonders. On the bright side, all three forms of synchronization were used at one point or another.


Alternate Low Quality Streams: GameTrailers
Codec: XVID
Game: F-Zero GX
Music: Primus - "Jerry Was A Race Car Driver"
Length: 1 min, 59 sec
Size: 42,098 KB
Description: My third foray into video game editing. Both FMV and realtime footage was used, featuring some of my custom vehicles. The lyrics themselves were extremely generous with me this time. I was able to find a match to practically every line, all the while keeping with the tone of the song, and maintaining the beats. I'm very pleased with this one, and it motivates me to make more game videos, in an effort to promote other underrated titles like this one.

Cowboy Bebop Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Alternate Low Quality Streams: Google Video - MetaCafe
Codec: XVID
Anime: Cowboy Bebop - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Music: Tekken 4 - "A Fist for a Fist"
Length: 1 min, 36 sec
Size: 31,91 KB
Description: The closest I've come to making a full blown, traditional style trailer. Real short and sweet. It was about a 10 hour project, and was the first time I attempted editing raw VOB files from the DVD. Make sure your CPU is fast enough or you may experience stuttering on this or any future high resolution XVID videos.


Alternate Low Quality Streams: YouTube - Google Video
Codec: XVID
Anime: Hellsing
Music: Nirvana - "Lithium"
Length: 2 min, 40 sec
Size: 24,660 KB
Description: Simplistic, pattern-based editing fuels this entry. If there was a video that would be the prime example of my style, this would be it. No flair. Nothing fancy. Most of the effort went into matching the tones, and making a parody of the lyrics. Watch it with an open mind.

Princess Mononoke

Alternate Low Quality Streams: YouTube - Google Video
Codec: DIVX
Anime: Princess Mononoke
Music: Peter Gabriel - "Rhythm of the Heat"
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 78,874 KB
Description: This is a remake of a video by Brad Demoss. He was one of the big name editors before the scene really kicked off, and he was responsible for some of the main videos that inspired me. Subtlety is the word for this video, or at least the majority of it. Extremely simple editing was used again. The same clips that Brad's original had were used, unless I felt that there were better ones to be inserted for any given segment. Once the song picks up near the end, editing becomes extremely tight, and I did my best to time each clip's actions accurately. This portion becomes very chaotic, and should resemble modern day trailers for action movies.

Cowboy Bebop

Alternate Low Quality Streams: MegaVideo - Google Video - MetaCafe
Codec: DIVX
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Music: Andrew WK - "Ready to Die"
Length: 2 min, 52 sec
Size: 40,284 KB
Description: This one was a blast to make. It was created over a 10 hour period, and one of the only times where editing the video was as fun as viewing it. The clips literally glided to their destinations. The key idea with this video, (similar with my previous video titled "Hurt Like You"), was to find new ways to match up sound to movement. I really thought hard about what key areas of the screen your eyes might be attracted to during the given clip. I know there is a lot of fanboy hatred torwords this band, and they aren't exactly a favorite of mine either. But I think that this hobby is not always about promoting the music that you love. Sometimes it's more important to pick the song that best goes with the aim of the video.


Alternate Low Quality Streams: YouTube - Google Video
Codec: MPEG
Anime: Akira
Music: Gravity Kills - "Enough"
Length: 4 min, 35 sec
Size: 73,587 KB
Description: This is a remake of a music video that was made by Eric, who once co-ran a site by the name of Otaku Vengeance. Back around 2000, it was quite a successful AMV site. Between Eric and Lord Rae, you could find some of the greatest videos made at that time. Back when I made this, he was quite happy about it. After viewing it, he actually spoke the words "Your vid completely blows mine out of the water!". So it was an honor.