External Links

Music Videos

Anime Music Videos
The biggest collection out there. Contains a database full of tens of thousands of videos. However, it does not allow videos of anything that isn't anime or of Japanese style.

Ermac Studios
The abandoned web site of the great Ermac. He quit making videos in 2004, but you should still check out these classics.

GameTrailers.com's Fan Movies
Large database of fan-submitted videogame videos, some of which are music videos. Most are awful though.

Ginga Giri Giri Kai
A long time editor who brought back GGG after 8 years.

Hypeodermic Studios ~ Dead
Home to Beowulf's videos. Go watch his masterpiece, "Dead to the World".

Another long time editor. Very professional since the start, and home to the three Video Game Projects.

NeoGohan's Anime Music Videos
Was a rival of sorts. We were the same age, started editing the same year, used similar sources, and had similar styles.

Phoenix AMV
Yet another. Lord Rae's current site. Once co-ran Otaku Vengeance. I always admired his musical choices.

Six Sided Video
Some of the best videogame based music videos. Sparse releases, but always worth the wait.

Video Related

A&E's "All Things" Guide
No matter how little video work you do, this guide is required reading.

Useful guides and a wide selection of utilities.

Free Codecs
Codecs for everything mainstream. Including the safer and cleaner alternatives of Quicktime and Real Player.

Video Help
Many guides, and a large database of hardware reviews.

VirtualDub Filters
A list of filters which will add functionality to VirtualDub.

WDM Video Capture Driver
Got an old video capture card that won't work on Windows XP? This might fix your problem.

Personal Links

Auricular Discovery
My second site. It's basically just a game music blog where I share random tracks with some commentary.

My buddy Boxxmann. Makes some seriously strange music.

My Destructoid Blog
Just a little place where I write up some rants which don't have a place at Racketboy's.

An old IRC channel on the Xelium network that I used to provide rips for. Still quite active.

Genesis Rippers Coalition ~ Dead
A respectable database of Sega Genesis soundtracks, including some of my own.

My Last.fm Profile
If you don't know what it is, it's a database of the music I listen to, with info, streams, videos, etc.

Mightor Industries
Software tips & tricks, art, and much more. Hosted me a few times in the past, and currently is once again.

RetroGaming with Racketboy
A quality blog that focuses on old-school gaming. He's featured some things from me and let me help moderate his forums.

My Steam Community Profile
I play a lot of games on Steam, Valve's content delivery service. This link is a neat way for you to see what I've been into.

Underground Gamer
A private torrent network that I often contribute content to. If you need an invite, ask nicely.

XOC Music
Easily, my favorite game music cover artist out there. This guy can handle so many musical genres, it's sick.

My YouTube Profile
I make a habit of capturing and posting various gaming-related videos there.

Linking To Me

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