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Anonymous posting is allowed. Simply type in any username that you normally go by, or just leave it blank to be known as "Guest". There is an anti-spambot mod in effect now for guests. It's extremely simple. Just type the word that it asks you to, into the box below it. This should ensure you are not a spambot.

Forums which require registration have always annoyed me. Sometimes you only want to leave a comment or two and you don't intend on sticking around, and that's fine with me. If you do feel like registering though, just so no one else can take your name, you will not need a valid Email to do so. Email confirmation is turned off to speed up the process.

Quality avatars are allowed. Images up to 50KB and 110x150 resolution are welcome. I allow avatars to be hosted here as well as from an external link. Also, there is a gallery of avatars I have made to chose from. Most forums impose severe limits on their file size and resolution, but not here. For obvious reasons, registration is required in order to use an avatar.

Very few rules. You can say whatever you want here. Whether you love or hate my work, it's all good. Even trolling is allowed, as long as there is effort put into it. I believe trolling can be entertaining for both parties, and even an art form. The only things I will have to take action against are links to pornography or heavy duty piracy, due to my host's sketchy guidelines. If you have to share something regarding some ancient game or program that is pirated, that's ok, but definitely don't bring in anything related to current generation games or movies or anything that is still produced for a profit. Any attempts to flood the forum with spam or gibberish posts will be dealt with as well. Other then that, go nuts!

The site is still extremely new, and I'm starting it off with a practically nonexistent fan-base. There were only a few dozen people out there, that I've found through Google, who remember my original site. And most of them don't even know that I have a site again. The point is, it is going to take months before the site will reach a high enough exposure level, to fuel a forum. So until then, the forum will primarily be a blog of sorts, where I will just share entertaining links, or discuss things which would otherwise be unsuitable for the front page. Don't let that stop you from leaving a comment, should you feel the urge.

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